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Undergraduate multi-national program

Undergraduate multi-national program

Atualizada em 30/10/19 13:39.
Undergraduate multi-national program
As faculty members around the world, all of you are exposing your students to international experiences.  For the 7th year,  the University of Northern Iowa will again host students from various universities around the globe.  Attached is a copy of the promotional flyer for the program in 2020.  Please share with students, colleagues and another organization that might have interest.  Even if only one student from your organization wishes to come, the program generates much good will and cooperation in learning between students with various political and cultural backgrounds. 
It has been a pleasure these past years working with such diverse groups and sharing cultural intelligence and business understanding.  If you have any questions,  feel free to contact me.  The program is limited to 30 students for logistical purposes. 
There is also a program in late June/early July for MBA students that is going into its eight year.  Special programs can be developed for any business student focus for a partner.  For example in just on week, 18 students will arrive from Colombia for a one week program focused on Supply Chain.  The itinerary is attached as a reference.